IOC October 2017 NewsletterMeet the Board!

We are so fortunate to have a hard working group of individuals on the board.  While many organizations have boards made up of folks with social, political or economic capital, IOC relies upon its board working on the ground to keep its message and mission alive and singing.  Most of the board members sing each week in choir.

Here is a little about each of the members!  Each board member was asked to answer two questions:

1) what is your role on the board and  what is your experience in such a role?

2) why you love the choir?

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Sing Here Now

Singing in the Rain

Danza Danza

Earthday Rap

Intergenerational Women’s Choir Sings,”Earth Day Rap” at SCRAP.


Little Blue Top

Intergenerational Women’s Choir Sings at Irvington Village lead by director Crystal Akins.


Amani Utupe

Rock That Cradle

Oh Happy Day

Intergenerational Women’s Choir Sings at Irvington Village. Their youngest singer is 4 years old and their oldest singer is 99 years old.